Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hannah is six years old and lives in a rural area of western Pennsylvania on a small farm with her Mom, her Dad, her lil' brother Jack and some furry animals. Her life is life full of plenty of activities to keep her busy and fit.

She has a kind soft heart, and for as long as I can remember, she has shown sensitivity to other's feelings and needs. She is uncomfortable when she sees pain, or struggling in people. Hannah's mind is always in motion with ideas of how things could or should be to make everyone happy.

Last year Hannah found out that some elderly people live in nursing homes and don't often have visitors or family to be with during the holidays. She decided that she wanted to do something about this. Hannah is not shy, and she found a way to start up conversations with people to see if they had a job for her to do for a "donation" to help her buy gifts for elderly nursing home residents.

When Christmas rolled around, Hannah had purchased over twenty gifts with her earnings and personally delivered them to residents that were known to have little or no family to visit with them.

This year she started early to continue with this mission. She has been "contracted" by some friends and relatives to do odd jobs for "donations" and also has grown marigold seedlings which were sold at 3 for $2.00 for Easter and Mother's day. I am sure she will continue to find ways to raise funds for this project.

A while ago she was sitting in the family room watching the Food Channel when an announcement that Domino Sugar was hosting an event to help end childrens hunger in the USA, and found ways for average people to make a difference. One event is the Great American Bake Sale. Hannah immediately wanted to participate.

She was shopping with her Mom at both Sams Club and Giant Eagle Grocery Store and she (she is such a bold child) approached employees and told them about what she was doing for childhood hunger. Both Sams Club and Giant Eagle gave her donations to sell at her Bake Sale.

Although Hannah did not do all the baking (she had her Mom and Friends help out), she had a wonderfully successful bake sale at a local nursery (Plumline). She has also had some generous donations mailed in for the event.

Sam's Club asked her to set up at their store in the near future. She gladly jumped at the opportunity to sell more baked goods to fund this mission.

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