Sunday, June 7, 2009

From Hannah

From the Mouth of Hannah:

I love to do outside sports. Outdoor sports are one of my favorite things to do. One of my favorite sports is rock climbing. I always find rock climbing. I love to pet my doggie. His fur is all silky warm. I love to play with my dolls. And I love to ride my bike.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A "slice" of what is happening with Ms.Hannah

Ms. Hannah has been busy finishing up with school.

She told her Grandmother "Monga" that school is tough work.
According to Hannah, it is tough going to school since for hours all they do is pray (she attends a Catholic School) and half-way through the give her a "slice" of lunch, then back to praying.

Exactly what is a "slice" of lunch? I don't know, but that is what she gets.

God most likely is smiling with all these little children talking to him for hours each day.

I asked Hannah what she has been up to lately to make the world a better place. She said that she is saving money. (I do not know what the exact purpose is), reminding her Mother to reuse plastic bags and planting a ton of trees with her Father (he owns a Landscaping Company)

Soon Hannah will be having another Great American Bake Sale at Sam's Warehouse. I am not sure of the date, but I am sure she and her Brother Jack will be helping my sister Becki prepare for the event. I bet flour, sugar and eggs are already flying all over the place in the family kitchen.

Remember, donations can still be posted to her website to help end childhood hunger. The website link is at the bottom of her blog.